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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Balabac: Down to the South

I was still sick when my sister in Balabac island called me up to ask when I'm going to visit them. It was over ten days since I got the flu and naturally, she was expecting that I must have been over it. Still feeling weak though, I gave in and decided to travel even I was uncertain of how I would be feeling the next day. It's uncomfortable travelling when you are sick.

I immediately called my nephews and asked who would be escorting me to this far-flung municipality of Palawan. Two of them and my other niece decided to tag along which I'm glad to oblige since I would have somebody when I would need some assistance. It was a long and tedious 5-hour-shuttle-van-ride to Rio Tuba, the farthest end of mainland Palawan and another 4 to 5 hours boat ride to Balabac.

We arrived in Rio Tuba and immediately fetched a trike to bring us to the port. It is not really a port per se but rather a makeshift one. Despite the proliferation of the mining industry in the area, I never understood how they could not build a better pier. We passed by a slum area through the wood planks to get to the boats. After signing in for the boat ride, we decided to take our lunch at one sari-sari store/eatery. We had to wait for another hour for other passengers. Already at the docks, one would realise that a different language that I could not understand is spoken. Even though I was able to communicate in Filipino-Tagalog, I felt a little bit left out.

After a stop-over at Bangcalaan island, we've reached the island of Balabac after a 5-hour boat ride. I immediately called up my sister to fetch us up, and she was there with the trike before the boat took a berth. It was more than 8 years when I last saw my sister and her eldest was barely 3 years old. Now, I'm meeting my niece and two other nephews for the first time.


  1. hey leo its me meggy!!!! i was just greeting you! hope you feel better now. we just got back to italy!!! can't wait to see more of your post.. lotsoflove. xoxo,Meg
    Haus of Gala

  2. sabi ko nga ikaw to. salamat din sa pag-patronize.
    next time dapat kasama kayo sa pinas.
    you had your vacation in Heilbron?
    uy ilagay ko pala sa link dito yung "haus of gala".

  3. naku si Andrea nga panay view sa mga fb pics mo as in gustong gusto makauwi ng pinas hopefully makapagorganize tau!!! para next time tour mo kami ;) thank you din s pag link ng site ko, btw 2 weeks kami sa heilbronn medyo nahirapan ako magikot dahil kay tutoy pero it was fun din naman. xoxo, Haus of Gala