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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodbye Tromsø

Day 10: Tromsø - Oslo - Berlin

We had to leave early for the "Flybuss", which leaves at the Grand Nordic Hotel. From there we went beneath a mountain to reach the Tromsø Airport. We had another long stop at Oslo-Gardermoen Airport before we continued to Berlin. I really look forward to coming back to Norway. There´s still so much left to see!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Norway: Arctic-alpine Botanical Garden

Day 9: Tromsø

We had the whole day to explore Tromsø and wanted to start with something green. So after breakfast, we took the bus line 20 to the Arctic-alpine Botanical Garden, which is the world's northernmost one. There you can walk around a lot in the green, and I got some shots of beautiful northern flowers and plants. As a biologist, it was gratifying and relaxing.

We decided to walk back to the city centre, as we could see the bridge and therefore orientation wasn´t a problem. The bustling centre of Tromsø is nice with a market square and a lot of impressive architecture. There were many young people, and it seems to be home to a lot of creative people - that was a bit the happening vibe.

From the centre, we got to the huge and interestingly designed "Polaria", which has an aquarium, seals, exhibitions and a lot of information, including a lot of learning activities targeted at children. It's very informative without being boring.

Because it was so beautiful, we went back once more to the Arctic Cathedral across the bridge and later spent some time in the centre before returning to the hotel. It was a great atmosphere there with the city set in the middle of the mountains and you know, that there´s no other city anywhere near. As it was our last day, we seized the opportunity to buy some souvenirs, including Elk Salami!