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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Call Me on April 1st

Ring Ring Ring....
Me: Hello
Old woman: Hallo, Wer ist da? (Who's there?)
Me: Secret....
Old Woman: Hallo, wer ist da?
Me: Who the hell are you?
Old Woman: Kann ich mit Frau XXX sprechen? (Can I speak with Mrs. XXX?)
I realized she's soliciting/ A woman from a call center who keeps bugging me!
Me: (Thought of saying there's no Mrs. XXX in this household.) Sorry, die gackt gerade! (She's shitting!)
Old Woman: Kann ich nochmal anrufen? (Can I call again?)
Me: Nee, ich glaube sie hat ein durchfall. Es wird noch lange dauern. (No, she has diahrhoea. It will take time.


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