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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Find Your Way: Retracing My Footstep 2

I started the day again by just walking around town a bit and finding some lunch then walk around the town square again before going back to the hostel where I left my luggage and then left for the station to meet the rest of the group at the Hlavní nádraží, the central station. I admit, the language is really a big challenge but fascinating one to learn this tongue twister.

Nathalie from the German group was the first to greet me asking if I was also trying to find my way. Yes, I replied and left her with my luggage shortly to go to the travel centre and get a reservation for my trip back to Berlin. Now, I'm delighted I did, because, on my way back to Berlin, the train was really full. But well, that's a different story.

Then one after another come near Helena who's holding a piece of paper with "Find Your Way" written on it. Everybody followed suit as she instructed us to go with her to the waiting bus that will take us further to the venue which is way out of Prague. I've noticed the funny Portuguese group already and thought I could get along with them quite alright.

It seems to be that everyone was perceptive and willing to just enjoy getting to know new faces and each other's company. Boris from the Bulgarian group sat next to me on the bus and Nathalie on the other side. We started to relax a bit and began chatting and just trying to get to know each other. Nathalie was a happy person I found out and just right for my liking. I've enjoyed just chatting with her. Boris was quite the little boy that he is inside. I found it quite fascinating.

(on to part 3...) Training course in the Czech Republic, 23.7.-1.8.2010

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